Artwork by Jahnvi Madarkar

If words had wings, I would release them from cages of my heart, show them the path that leads to you. 

They would be waiting, by your doorstep, dripping ink, fresh from my heart, holding the letters meant for you.

When the sky turns grey, as storm clouds arrive, quiet ripples of fear gush from the channels of my timid heart.

Like a lighthouse, you shone beams towards my way, as I waded from the whirlpool, found the way back to you.

If walls could speak, they would whisper to you about the prayers I hum in my heart for you, every night. 

The sounds of songbird and rain, the tune of our favourite song, fills my room, as my thoughts drift back to you. 

As I open my armoire, I see the shirt you last wore, tucked safely in my drawers, emanating your sweet scent. 

An untouched box wrapped with silk ribbons, sits in the corner of my room, nestling the tie I bought for you. 

I desire for our happiness, I desire for you, love.

You hold my hand, as you drink my sorrows, feel my pain, make my heart flutter, as I look at you.