Branding is the process commonly used by designers and the marketing department. But it is

something that we use in our day to day life as well. Even if we neglect, we as

a society functions on trends. The people who tend to brand their products,

values, ideologies and thoughts efficiently are the ones who decide the trends

and we blindly follow them. At times voluntarily or forcefully. Such is the thing

with colour biases.

We have been imposing ourselves down since the age of Britishers. Accepted, that we were

under their influence for more than hundreds of years but we should not neglect

the fact that it has been 72 years of independence now. There are several

movements happing around the world to remove the prejudice but looking at our

culture we as Indians need to begin from the fundamental. Starting with the colours

of our deities. It is really strange that we have painted or visualised our deities

all in white. We should stop glorifying or promoting this colour. Proper education will

play a massive role to stop this. We need to amend many rhymes that able racisms

to take place right from our school age. Rhymes book are often depicted in

with white-skinned illustrations, which happens to build the fondness for the

fairer skin right from that age. We need to promote the Indian dusky skin

more than the pale white British skin. We should stop advertising the products

that focus more on the colour rather than the treatment of the skin. We need to build

confidence amongst the youth regarding this colour. Most importantly we

need to be proud, confident and optimistic about ourselves rather than demotivating

ourselves with someone else’s thought of beauty.

I doubt one can resist from complementing the Indian dusky women draped

gracefully in saree with almond-shaped eyes highlighted by kajal and the long black

platted hair with a flower tucked in and with the simple ornaments.

Hence, we need to be proud of ourselves, for the grace we carry, for the strength we

imbibe and grandly, we need to brand the colour right.