Dear Oppressee,

Hey, listen, have you ever coined a term before?

Neither have I.

You can imagine my surprise when I realized that the lead of my story

Cannot be found in the pages of a dictionary - at least not the traditional ones.

So, you know what I did?

I stood up for my lead.

I’ve decided to tell this story, to give him/her a voice.

This story can be found across pages of past and present,

In fact, new anecdotes are being written right now in some corners of the world.

This story is about you and me;

It is about our oppression.

Dear Oppressee,

I come to you today with a small request.

It’s small but crucial,

So, bear with me.

Dear Oppressee,

You have been subjected to a lot - 

Insult, shame, ridicule. 

You have had injustice forced down your throat,

For breakfast.

You have been subjected to a lot,

Most of which was never in your control.

Women and men alike; you have been treated unfairly,

For characteristics and traits that you were born with.

You, for years, NAY centuries, have borne the brunt on various fronts.

Dear Oppressee,

I come to you today with the crux of the problem.

It’s time to face a cold, hard fact.

One hundred percent of us are subject to oppression of some kind,

Varied in magnitude only.

Let that sink in...

I read somewhere that,

The oppressed is oppressed only until they realize it.

So, post realization, you are one of two people - 

You either continue to be the same or,

You decide to stand up for yourself and terminate the oppression.

I want you to take a deep breath, for the pinch of salt that is to come:

Ninety five percent of us belong to the first of the two categories.

Shocked? You and I, both.

Ninety five percent of us choose to continue being oppressed, to stand down.

Dear Oppressee,

I come to you today, with a plausible solution.

I have to ask you this because it hurts me so.

Why do you subject yourself to this unnecessary agony?

I’m sorry you did not find it in yourself to do so.

But no; no longer, no more.

It’s a simple concept really.

Darkness does not give in and surrender to light.

Light has to enter and shine bright enough, for all traces of darkness to be obliterated.

I’ll draw the parallel now:

The oppressor will never give in and surrender to the injustice.

The oppressee (You) has to stand up and fight back,

fight enough for the oppression to end.

Dear Oppressee,

I come to you now with the crucial request.

You know where I’m going with this.

Take that stand.

Fight that fight.

Be the Light.

Burn bright in the desolate night.