It's finally here - Today.

The world is in your arms.

Your eyes,

Sway, bounce, and swirl.

The swing,

The carousel,

The giant wheel.

A parrot,

which decides your fate;

The man,

who hypnotizes apes.

A wizened hand,

whistling to the flute;

Oiled pigtails,

playing with the wind.

The elephant,

with the dreamy eyes;

The -

'Kanna, are you listening?'

'Yes Amma;

Mustard of the seeds,

Teal from the trees,

Black like your hair,

Scarlet like King's lair.'

You recite religiously,

to her delight.

...and pink,

you tell yourself.

Floating like clouds,

one brother's palm to the other.

You follow the old lady,

blindly, unaware.


l o s t.

And then like a flag,

Like a rainbow on a sunny day;

Two and a half metres of

mustard, teal, black and scarlet,

Fills up the sky.