Befriend a Banyan tree. There is a whole world in

Its every bough.

- Beware the city lights. Go instead, where you can

see them studded in the night sky.

- The Earth belongs to a mayfly as much as it does

you and me.

- For every fruit you shall partake, plant two


- Look for sand dollars as you walk along the

coast. Someday, they may be the only currency.

- Whisper sweet nothings to your plants as you

water them.

- Place a conch shell to your ears; it will sing

you the songs of the oceans.

- Dive right in while the others test the waters.

- Be able to name every season in your mother


- Collect a piece of rock from every different land

you tread upon. Store it in a glass jar.

- Linger over a coral long enough to spot a

damselfish. Swim away when he starts defending

his territory.

- The best possible friends come with four legs.

- Look for life lessons in trees that have survived

a forest fire.

- Most people know of nothing but the rat race. If

your heart tells you otherwise, it simply is a

compass to the right place.

- Never fear breaking out of the cage. Fear never breaking out at all.