I wish you could meet me now.

Now, that I am a better me.

Where I've cut off of chains of past;

When I'm my own safe haven.

I'm just a beautiful battlefield.

Sometimes I cup my hands,

And apologize to myself.

I deserve more than just skin care,

More of self-care.

My body is not weightless,

But my mind is translucent.

I am an easy friend,

At least I hope to be.

To you.

So next time you go bankrupt, 

With your positive thoughts;

Knock on my door,

Let me show you sunflowers - 

Because you know, they are polymorphic. 

A three stars to the left. 

Let me read you Franz Kafka. 

Let me put a coaster under your tea cup; 

Bring you books when you're basking in rain,

And question God if he will ever be able to recover from all the love that he gave us?