My soiree with anything sweet has always been touch and go. I wouldn’t voluntarily sweeten my taste buds by spending 120 rupees on a chocolate stuffed croissant unless it’s the serious case of the moods. However, I wouldn’t refuse if someone decides to surprise me with a family pack of Hershey’s Kisses. This is incredibly difficult for me to live with as I am seen as some kind of an outcast in a group where I am constantly surrounded by people who would drown themselves in sweets. 

My best friend blames me solely for her weight gain from having to eat all that Chocolate Babka by herself, the reason for my grandmother’s diabetes is because I wouldn’t eat the last piece of all the cakes involved. Some might view my existence as a waste of time as I refused to eat a Tiramisu once. I wouldn’t blame them, it’s all the sweets talking. I like to believe I was just waiting for the right time, place and person to make me fall in love with chocolates and sweets of any kinds. 

Imagine this, a magical ball of dough hand-kneaded with love, slathered in butter and other ingredients from heaven, shaped in a form that lures you instantly and baked to perfection to achieve the right crunch. Chef Daniel Trulson even let us shoot this entire process on a rainy Friday morning here at Chennai’s newly opened Bread and Chocolate. 

From the above description, it is safe to say that I have found my way into liking sweets, made of bread and chocolate, of course. But enough of me narrating it. We picked the best combinations of bread and chocolate involving sweets and have curated this, I must say, very vivid photo essay showing every detail of every layer, shape and form of the dish. Go ahead and see for yourself and tell me if it’s all the sweets talking. While you’re at it also visit the cafe cum store at Cenotaph Lane.