Nights have always been comforting, 

they never let me weep alone. 

Stars curl up, 

Asteroids cluster around, 

Moon comes closer, 

Stardust settles;

And with utmost silence,

They listen to my tears,

Neither my tears are wiped,

Nor stopped.

They are just heard. 

They all take their places,

As if sitting around a bonfire. 

It is not their obligation to come,

Nor do I expect them to.

But they still do arrive. 

Sometimes late too, 

But they come, 

As if they are mine. 

Without strings and labels, 

Without rights and obligations, 

Without judgment and expectations, 

They all arrive.

As if they are only mine. 

I forget that they wrap this universe,

And hence can never be only mine. 

But strangely there is no fear in sharing them unlike it has always been. 

I am not afraid to share as I am too scared for those who will weep alone. 

Be there for everyone, 


Yet mutually. 

They are a wonder indeed, 

Taking care of the wonders beneath. 

Till they are up there, 

Covering us and yet not blocking, 

I wager that none shall weep alone.