I discovered the joy of aimlessly roaming around a museum a little late in life. I was 21, borderline depressed in a city I couldn't call home and just generally lost in life. I took the underground, ended up halfway across the city and into the British Tate Modern Museum. And it really opened my eyes. I have always loved art. But this was a revelation, the whole feel of it. Walking down random corridors just to discover new artists stimulating your dead brain cells altoghether. I remember photographing every piece that itched my brain, every art that made me question something and I went back to my 100 sq.ft. room, reading and searching about these artists. From thereon, I visited every museum I ever travelled to.

But, for me, there's a little more to museums than just those magnificent pieces of art and history in them. It's a little more than curated displays and dead artists. It's a little bit about the millions of feet that scruff, drag, jump and run across those linoleum/cement/marbled floors. It's a little about those security guards, lazily canvassing the rooms. It's a little about the people who leave a piece of themselves behind, as they take a piece from the museum through collectables and folded tour guide maps for themselves.

There are the lovers holding hands in front of Monet, or the art students, sitting and patiently sketching Greek sculptures. There are families, clicking pictures in front of Da Vinci's anything really. There are friends deciphering Pollock and there are tour guides going on about factual accounts. And then there's those who are alone, like me, clutching on to guide maps and navigating through winding halls, eavesdropping on tour guides' fun facts and smiling at strangers lost in hallowed halls filled with history. All of us just sharing a moment of their own with creations that have transcended through time. All these fleeting instances alongside revered pieces of work is in itself, a work of art. These are photographs I've taken at various museums I've visited from the age of 21 to 25. Of quirky outfits, of sneaky romance, of lonely visitors, of zealots and of bored people, all in museums.