We once had a clash,

Me and my brother,

It started with a casual fight,

That turned into a brawl.


For once, I would have let it go,

But how do I ever know,

If it was the last,

It always ends up in a blast.


He being the younger kid,

And I... the elder one,

The victory is of none,

It rather gets bitter in turn.


I have never not cared... less,

For my sibling,

But he does it each time,

Lessening my importance furthermore.


They ask me to shut up,

They ask me to not utter a word,

And let it go,

But, I feel too.

He is never told to speak in a right manner,

While I suffer,

My emotions simmer,

I can’t love him only to not feel.


We share the same home,

The same room,

Yet the heat of it just empties the space,

It never gets better.


I love you, brother,

But, you’re too far,

We’ve gone apart,

Stretching across our own boundaries.


Maybe, we grow close,

Maybe, these tears stop,

Maybe, you feel this too,

But, for now, it’s all a blank space.