This is a trail of thought recorded, on paper, for your pleasure. Stay with me for the next five to seven minutes.

“Characters in Russian literature are eating or offering fruits at significant moments. Gurov in the Lady and the Lapdog eats a slice of watermelon after he and Anna had made love for the first time. Oblonsky in ‘Anna Karenina’ is bringing Dolly a large pear when she confronts him about his infidelity. It is in the blood of Russian storytelling to take note of the fruit.” 

 From Iphigenia in Forest Hills by Janet Malcolm

Reading the above paragraph seems to justify the inexplicable “Vitamin C” anxiety during the pandemic, which made me want to go and buy some oranges several times during the quarantine. Such sudden urges and inspirational epiphanies make you feel like a kid in a candy store, the rush of excitement when you see so many colors and flavors all at once.

 Look around you, as I am.

I am awkwardly leaning back supported by my spine; my fingers coming in unity at one single point, to help me do this, this exact thing which you’re reading at the moment. Yes, It was handwritten first on this five-subject, perfectly divided, spiral-bound book that is geometrically planned. 

I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say that sometimes the simplest of things can take your breath away. Some call it romanticizing. But how can it possibly be when this exact moment which got me here to write this, is a result of the work of some elaborate patterns and stories. Let me put this more simply: everywhere you look, everything around you is shaped from material, texture and color that is engineered to perform a specific function. Like this book and pen, for example. 

If I was writing this during sunset, I would probably be on my terrace lying down on my belly, devoured in the vastness that encapsulates our world. For a moment I forget where I am, I begin to feel safe in this spherical world, completely unaware that I am lying on this square-shaped ground that has edges at the end of which I might fall. 

As I shift my position towards the sky, gazing at the twinkling stars against the twilight, I begin to wonder about how everything is just a mere hyperlink. In a job that has a world of its own, it is easy to get sucked into an alternate reality.

Except, there are two realms to this hyperlink, one from which everything is connected for generations of existence and secondly, how everything is connected at the moment, just a click away. Between these uncertainties, hyperlinks, the momentums of great ideas, the balance sheet which almost tallies, the why’s, the how’s, the Oscar-Felix, The Camus & Sartre, what is it that runs common? Amongst Maslow's triangle-shaped hierarchy of needs, the circle of everything that goes around, coming back, the maps and the wheels and everything around you is a shape that has amalgamated into a meaningful form. 

As I silently gazed at the randomness of these patterns which seem structured, I find these forms repeating everywhere. It’s as though someone rearranged them and it all magically fit. Even though it doesn’t make sense at all times, it will always remain. The simplicity of the deep connection of these forms which runs through us, and what we create remains, for we are nature itself, in the most profound form. When I talk about looking around in these moments, there is this time where I observe everything for no reason. Perhaps, the space given to me has made me draw these imaginary lines around objects much like an outline. 

When I close my eyes and take a sip of my coffee, I can almost imagine something so similar to another form. You see, there are diamonds on Neptune, Mercury has iron, Saturn would float in water, Jupiter has only hydrogen and helium, but all of these materials have intersected here on Earth to form life, an amalgamation of different collisions & intersections

And sometimes when looking at these spaces, I decided to take a picture of the moon. I realized, every atom around is formed like every single pixel in this photograph. Look around you, as I am. 

You will see everything in nature is within you, and the other way around, including & especially forms. 

‘Now, I’m sitting in the train, peeling an orange, I look over nonchalantly at a woman, she is yawning, although this sight is common, I am abruptly mesmerized.’