We are a generation full of broken hearts and anti-depressants and slit wrists. 

We are a generation full of complexities and innumerable turns and twists.

 Some of us find love in right swipes,

While some of us are the hopeless romantics and old school lovers. 

We long to be loved,

 But hide behind masks of heartlessness,

 And push everyone away.

 And often at night when the world is silent,

 And we no longer need to pretend.

 We put down our masks and dream of forevers and fairy tales,

 And secretly pray for our wishes to come true.

 We long to hold someone's hands and dance and sway in the rain,

 But we are too worried about missing the last train.

 We love to be strong,

 And be alone.

 But once in a while,

 When we breakdown,

 And cry our hearts out in the corner of our rooms,

 We secretly wish for someone to send us a loving message. 

We can't mix and match our feelings and emotions with our words as easily as we can match our accessories with our clothes.

 While we are trying to find the figures of speech that suit our poems and verses the best,

 We ourselves are full of paradoxes and ironies, you see.