The Salvation Army, Red Shield House

The streets of Colaba their colorful mirth,

The dangling jhumkas of causeway,

and the ancient vibe of Regal.

We cherish those aesthetics

more than clicking a picture

with Taj or The Gateway of India.

We instead wake up at 5 am,

to take a train at 6 in order

to catch the incredible sunrise,

with ships running ashore

and us ready with cameras,

to capture the sky.

-To our Mumbai Diary.

Unknown Building in Fort, Mumbai

What does the colour yellow mean to you?

Do you perceive hope and sunshine?

Or does it manifest nostalgia?

Zara, Near Flora Fountain, Mumbai

Standing the testimony of time, wrath of nature and greed of man,

Each street has a story to tell-

It could be of paved paths, signals and signboards,

of chopped off trees and railway lines.

Or it could be yours.

Of a casual stroll with friends,

of your favourite sandwich stall,

the one with your office

or the one

with the march for equality.

Chronicling personal memoirs

and collective histories.

Aren't you eager to listen to their tales?

Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai

Who even learnt about life by reading textbooks?

We learnt it by walking lanes

with people selling coconut

across from Starbucks.

We learnt it by walking streets

with no lights

yet inhabited by the homeless.

We learnt it by walking

miles and miles wondering

How many hands put these bricks together to create beauty?

Only if everyone could learn that much by walking!

Lion's Gate, Fort Mumbai

Couldn't wait till I got outside

Wondering, what the world be like

But I see the world so different now

But there is a place by the sea

and that's my town - Sigrid