As i scrolled through your playlist

The low hum of the songs echoed only your dimpled laugh;

Head thrown back,

I could only fathom your existence.

A curve almost touches my face

As something dark looms over me.

A silhouette i am never unfamiliar with,

Cutting the shadow at the right places

A wicked dull halo caging it.

I try not to bat, afraid i'd lose the outline;

He reaches out for me, scintillating fierce energy,

Electrifying the wind around.

The clouds threatened with every step,

A whirlpool above me.

The devil on my shoulder twirled a lock of hair,

A simper so sinister yet so alluring.

"Take one more step", he mutters,

 Claws digging into my flesh,

Anticipation filling its vessel.

My hands, the colour of the stupor;

The siren red of my nails, only the guide.

This time the thunder rolled melancholy;

The trees didn't stand tall anymore,

Even the birds were in a frenzy.

A scream went off in a distance,

Curdling the warmth left inside of me.

Breaking my trance,

I blinked, oh i blinked.

Slim fingers threading a hangman's knot,

I almost crowned my head.

The silhouette now replaced by your grave,

Stood low and unhinged.

The sunlight cracked its way in,

A canopied penumbra settling on the ground.

The white gathered dust and leaves;

Wilted petals kissed the concrete,

As some levitated into the winter breeze.