The considerable change of situation in terms of the season getting colder and having shorter days is like experiencing the same seasonal patterns of major dejected episodes during a specific time of a year. The static resonance of the conscious effort to maintain a significantly jovial mood is dampened at every turn when the winter makes its mark. It’s a strange phenomenon that occurs in conjunction with changes in the season, especially during the arrival of the chilly winds. My love for this season have always been a priority, but I have always managed to extend my effort to explore the emptiness that the surrounding has to offer, resembling a part of the deserted feeling that I familiarize with. I photographed the hollowed resonance that rules the milieu, experienced by a depressed person, in terms of the landscapes and the habitants, amidst the mist that clouds your existence. We all have got broken, faced the bruises and have experienced the phase of being heartbroken, disappointed by the so called fake attempts or decisions that we have taken in our life. In other words this particular state of of melancholy feeling of being abandoned is not the end, rather it’s the sadness that changes our condition to perceive the way we see ourselves, our past, present and the future. In other words, it changes the core of your very own identity which binds us to the thumb and takes away all of the key factors of staying happy.

Winter generally stands for the time of carnivals, holidays; get together parties with reunions of families and closed ones, but for most of the times of the Winter I was away from home. The feeling of staying within a packed up routine of work, often made me to sum up the expressions together to give rise to an emotion that cannot stay hidden away from the general opinion of the human agony. Moving far away from the urban cultures of the cityscapes, these subtle emotions are clearly visible and the solidarity can be felt more beautifully, as we embrace the gloomy presence in full glory and the tired eyes only make an attempt to regain the their consciousness with much ingratitude.

This particular attempt to bring in an emotional set of imagery comparing them with the misty landscapes, trying to depict the unsaid sadness was almost like experiencing a reverse nightmare staying as a prisoner trapped within his personal history. This is indeed something more that one can comply with.