One connects with certain colours and textiles immediately that you urge to incorporate it in your personal style. My personal style is always understated – I always wear whites and beiges. When I saw the colourful clothing style in Bhuj, Gujarat with their Khatri embroidery, it was so fascinating. I was so drawn to it and I realised this could be my style as well. 

In the beginning I remember, the first collection I made was just whites, off-whites and creams. At the same time, I was also travelling to Bhuj many times and there was this burst of colours that I saw. We tried to incorporate a couple of those but it happened much later in the journey. When we launched our store in Ahmedabad, it was full of whites and off-whites and people were very drawn to it. 

However, I also received a lot of feedback from people to bring in more colours and brighter tones. It has been very interesting because that’s how the brand has evolved into bringing more colours. But we still do only a certain kind of tones – if we did pink, it would be an undertone pink, not a neon-bright one. 

I also had an insight into the customer mindset where they made these whites and off-whites in their own style which they were not really into before. I feel like colours evoke a certain kind of emotion. Just like how you dress leaves an impression on people, certain kinds of colours also evoke certain emotions in people. People actually understand this and that is why they choose to wear certain colours for certain occasions. 


Weirdly, I have this personal affiliation towards purple. It is my absolute favourite colour. I’m so drawn to it. I can write a whole essay about purple. I’m obsessed with that colour. I was just thinking about it a few weeks back about how I haven’t done a complete collection with just this colour. Of course, it has been used here and there in bits and pieces but I haven’t made a complete collection dedicated to it. 

That is when I realised how possessive I am, about the colour. I just feel like I should do justice to it whenever I do a collection with it and that’s the reason I have never taken and done something with it. Nobody must have felt so many things about a colour. And I guess that’s the reason why I’m so drawn to whites and off-whites – with them, I feel free, I don’t feel possessive. White makes you feel calm and free and you can do whatever you want. Makes me wonder if these are two different sides of my personality through colours.