A feeling of completeness,

Yet some subtle nothingness.

Enthralled by Shakti’s charm,

Mystery of Shiva’s calm.

My soul wanders around the aura,

and ShivShakti’s enigma.

Appalled by the atrocities of the world,

Shakti wants her anger to be hurled.

Shiva’s rage is bottled too.

Yet they remain restrained,

Imbibing the gloom.

Chaos within self, it made them restless.

Leaving with hope,

As the only harness.

The conflict within self doesn’t end.

ShivShakti forfend,

Shiva AND Shakti.

Tired and tried,

The soul within them cried.

The lioness and the Nandi,

Were too, in despair.

Even Vasuki wondered,

How is it even fair?

Why is it that the barbarism of the world; 

Do ShivShakti have to bear?

Mangled was humanity,

Resentful were Shiva AND Shakti.

Helpless and exhausted;

Even eye contact,

They avoided.

Catastrophic was the Cosmos,

Unheard remained the sorrows.

The World pleaded;

Even Ganesha urged.

Shiva Sighed.

Looked at Shakti.

Which is when their eyes,

Had tears.

 And then they conversed,

“There’s no Shiva without Shakti,

Or Shakti without Shiva; the two within themselves

Are ONE.”  

At long last, Shiva AND Shakti;

Were ShivShakti again.