A town of heavy Thamizh tradition and culture lost to commercialisation of the present era.

Everyone knows the great Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple, but not the art works the temple carries. It was and still is, where many works of Tamizh literature related to the divinity of the temple is being debuted before release to the public. 

Observe the sculptures and this time without the clicks of the camera, mobile phones or any gadgets, and you will find yourself going back to the roots we have lost.

The people of this town are ever so kind, and still have a few pieces of the lost puzzle- the traditional values and heritage. The kids, of course, belong to the present years, yet you do see the values still etched in them by their families.

The food, the so-called meals of South India, have their own style and different taste. All the vegetables and fruits still carry their natural fragrance, even when it is being cooked. Even the junk food has healthy a twist to it. Some things never cease to fascinate me.

The Cauvery river was something we dove into, the moment we set foot in this town. The cool feeling and the depth it carried is something to be experienced than told.

The terrace view, from any part of the town, will have the temple's gopuram. Regardless of whether it is the view of the sunset or the sunrise, the enigma that the town and the temple carry is immense.

If there is one thing that left me pondering about the speciality of the town, then it would be how an entire town with such majestic qualities imbibed, present itself with such simplicity.