Galaxy 450-C.

As soon as his number came up, he put up a huge grin on his face and slid down, sparkling with all his might. While sliding down, the prominent thought in his mind was, with the extra money for today’s overtime, he had finally saved enough to go on a vacation. That thought made his natural smile wider. He beamed as he slid, bright and moving fast.


She stood by the window, watching the night spread its dark tresses over the sky. It was a beautiful clear night, with a whisper of a breeze blowing. She leaned against the window, felt the cool glass against her forehead. Her heart was heavy, as she gazed out, despondent.

“I’m so desperate right now I ‘ll settle for a sign that says tomorrow will be better. Even Scarlet O’Hara believed in the power of tomorrows, who am I to disagree? God, if you’re listening to me, give me a sign that makes me believe you exist. Light the hope in the heart of an atheist.”.

She smiled a bleak smile, “Here, I am. Talking to myself, and talking to a god, who doesn’t answer. Who never answers. Who knows if a higher power, even, exists? I have my dou...”

Just then, outside her window, in the clear kohl sky, a shooting star zig-zagged its way in the horizon. She watched its meandering path, fascinated.

“Quick, make a wish, woman. Umm...umm...I wish...I wish. What can I wish for? I wish I could solve the equation that has captivated my mind, its answer could lead me to the correct molecular formula to halt the virus in its path. Err...god...err...shooting star, I want to make a wish, a wish to succeed.”

She clapped her hands, filled with childish delight, earlier jaded thoughts faded in the ebullience of the star, the entire novelty of it.

Galaxy 450-C.

402 reported back to the transporter room, tired but exhilarated.

“Hello, Mr. Twinkle. Did you see me? I was brighter than the supernova. I sparkled, I twinkled, I shone like the star I am. I’m turning in for the night. Good night Mr. Twinkle!” he beamed.

“What’s made you so happy? You had a half-decent run, big deal. There are many stars lined up for duty. The earthlings are going through some turbid times, and they need all the hand-holding – or star gazing, as the case may be. Go and change, and make sure you drop the overalls in the laundry basket. You left it on the floor last time. Now scrat,” he said grouchily, a twinkle in his eyes.

“589 please report to the transporter room. I repeat. 589 please report to the transporter room,” he spoke into the mic. Now, this is the last shooting star. Next in line is the shining star. "

​He looked down at the handheld device, and updated ‘Shooting Stars Daily Log’ and clicked on the ‘Shining Star Daily Log’.

“All shining stars on duty, please report to the transporter room. I repeat all shining stars on duty, please report....”


Some of the earthlings spread across the globe, ones where darkness reigned, looked up to the skies, in some cases, to seek a sign, a way to eliminate boredom or just enthusiastic star-gazers. They wondered at the entire beauty of it all – from shooting stars to the twinkly ones. Some prayed, some hoped, some just gazed. Enjoyment, the common thread.

“Wonders of nature are peerless,” they all thought. “How beautifully and effortlessly nature executes everything, right from the earth to the galaxies around.”

Galaxy 450-C.

“777 please report to the transporter room. I repeat 777 please report to the transporter room,” the intercom squawked.