Welcome, dear shoppers. This is a special ensemble created in collaboration with Madras Finds - who are known for finding cool things right next door. You will find everything from baked goods, skin care to your Diwali day outfit. You are sure to find something for yourself, some other things for your family & friends and somethings even to gift your neighbours. 

*All the brands are homegrown and eco-conscious from namma Chennai.*

The Stubborn Baker - Chef Tanvi

Six festive mouthfuls of decadence 

The Stubborn Baker’s Diwali boxes by Chef Tanvi make us exactly that - stubborn to try them out! Decked up in luxury, the box reveals six assorted macarons in pastel hues, and biting into them is a celebration unto itself. Their XL box boasts of a variety of things that take us around the world, from the macarons that remind us of walks in Paris, to the dark chocolate and sea salt cookies that crunch like the aroma of the sea in Madras, along with a dessert jar that can be customized by you, and a beautiful bottle of organic passion fruit concentrate.  This Diwali, since the pandemic has prohibited travel, we suggest you sit back and enjoy The Stubborn Baker’s goods that are sure to transport you elsewhere. 

To get your hands on these boxes of colourful wonders, check out @pastrycheftanvi on Instagram! 

Ojasme by Sanjana Thapa 

Drapes of sheer elegance

Imagine delicate ruffles and organza marvels wrapped in lovely lilacs and corals and mint greens. Ojasme is my organza dream come true! Their Wildflower collection is handcrafted exuberance dealt with care. My personal favourite is Noor, a dusty pink pleated bustier and ruffled skirt along with an embroidered silk organza dupatta. We’ve missed dressing up this whole year and have longed for a reason to celebrate. Now that Diwali’s here, Ojasme seems like the perfect pick for our year-long dreams to finally materialize. 

Drape yourself in luxury by visiting www.ojasme.com or follow them @ojasme on Instagram! 


Where calmness pops out

If the words ‘calm’ and ‘pop’ could ever go together, it would be for LIMN’s notebook covers!

From fuschia elephants and dramatic lotuses to vintage ferns and emerald waves, they’re the perfect platform for your notes and doodles to take shape. Their new stoneware mugs are a personal favourite. 

LIMN’s website is a mix of lovely things created especially for the dreamers and the aesthetes and provides for the perfect gifting experience this Diwali. Their thrift shop section sells rarely worn pieces, the proceeds of which go towards buying food for stray animals and to the women from Tamil Nadu Association for the Blind. Spark joy this Diwali by getting yourself and others LIMN Designs!



Digital Meds by Medha Easwar

With love, from Chennai

Medha’s Instagram page makes one nostalgic of Madras and is a treat for the eyes! Her series of illustrations of young women in saris, ‘Sari-torial’ is a heartwarming take on women in leisure. Her venture, Digital Meds, is now selling illustrated Diwali postcards and we’re totally getting them! They come in batches of 3 and 5, in two different sizes and are just the thing you need to send to your best friend locked down in another city. Rekindle old friendships and celebrate new ones this Diwali with Digital Meds. Go get yours soon! 


NOM by Jhanvi Bherwani

Healthy bits of deliciousness

NOM is a chef mom's venture into the world of healthy eating. It specialises in traditional recipes with a modern twist, the best of which is their bite-sized immunity laddoos. We're drooling over their frosty Pistachio Florentine and the crunchy Flaked Almond Coconut Pie, both of which you definitely have to try! NOM's festive gift boxes can be customised per your choice and provide for a great gifting option.

If you're guilt-tripping yourself about cutting down on carbs this Diwali, stop thinking and go order NOM right away! 


Naturally Flawsome 

Care that luminates your skin

Naturally Flawsome’s skin care products are what you’ve always been looking for to achieve that naturally flawless skin. Their products are organic, vegan and cruelty-free and will make you glow with happiness this Diwali! Their Glam bomb Shimmer Mist is already in my shopping cart and is said to give you a glowy, dewy, bronzer-like look on the go with its 24k gold dust powder. And their Exfoliant Scrub Bars are a bestseller. 


They also have an Eco-Series range which includes Bamboo Toothbrushes and Neem Wood Combs, thus helping you take tiny steps towards a sustainable future. 

Take conscious, organic steps this Diwali with Naturally Flawsome! 


Scrumptious pieces of heaven

Ever bought a cake that’s so beautiful, it makes you feel guilty to slice it up? Moonbakes’s cakes are a personification of beauty that will make you fall in love the moment you set your eyes on them! Their raspberry and baklava cheesecakes are tiny pieces of heaven, and their new Lotus Biscoff cake is a must. If you’re not in the mood for traditional sweets this festive season, get your hands on a Moonbake cake and enjoy the scrumptiousness with la familia!

Hew & Frost

Twirls of golden delicacy

On this Dhanteras, ditch traditional plans and buy a golden cake! Hew & Frost’s elegant delicacies are a golden world of romance. Their Cakesicles, ice-cream bar shaped tiny cakes are a must try! Their Diwali treat boxes are a beautiful combination of mouth-watering macaron flavors like Lemon Cheesecake and Chocolate Hazelnut Praline, and mini treats like Chocolate Orange Cake and Coconut Cake with Passionfruit filling. Hew & Frost specialises not only in the art of baking but also in the craft of creating a cake. Their Palette Knife Detailed cake is a masterpiece that reminds you of oil paintings you saw on lazy afternoon gallery strolls in your youth. Reminisce old times, romance and deliciousness this season with Hew & Frost!