You say I have lost my countenance

You stare at me, wide-eyed, and with pity.

You speak of strength and valor,

What is weak about showing vulnerability?

My world is not devoid of color,

Its shades might be different than yours.

The scars that it uncovers,

Scream quietly of the battles I have fought.

You entangle me with labels -

‘Retard’, ‘insane’ and ‘labile’.

You look down upon my ‘weird’ nature,

My mind, ‘freakish’ and ‘fragile’.

I ask -

Terrified, are you, of my constitution,

Of a world that is beyond your imagination?

Why are my problems not worthy of your attention?

Why am I subjected to mockery and alienation?

Why is it that I have to prove,

That I am as human as you?

Am I not deserving of the same love

You expect to be bestowed upon you?

All I ask is that you listen -

Just give me a shred of kindness, my friend

And you will see how, 

We are similar, yet different.