‘’In Frame’’ is a magazine based in Chennai. Every two months we explore stories of art, life and people. Each issue focuses on a different theme. Our spread caters to anyone that enjoys stories about the various strokes of life around us.

In addition to our carefully curated written and photo stories, we are going to engage our readers and audience by working on weekly content through videos as well.

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Maheshwar Singh

Head, Creatives


Graphic and Layout

Nandita Sanjeevi

Graphic and Layout

Aashika Suresh

Senior Features Writer

Vidhya Anand

Senior Features Writer

Naveen Sekar

Senior Photographer

Rachana Rachaprolu


Arvind Sundar


Charles Britto


Kairav Trivedi


Prerna Mullerpatten


Kamila Banu


Vidhya Anand

Senior Features Writer
our team
Simra Sadaf, Aishwarya Ashok & Namritha
Vidhya Anand
Harshala Gupte
Tushar Kanoi, Illustrated by Sandra Maria George
Illustrated by Sandra Maria George
Prerna Mullerpaten
Prerna Vinod
Aashika Suresh & Chaithra Jagadeesha
Aashika Suresh & Sandra Maria George
Vidhya Anand
Vidhya Anand
Vidhya Anand
Vidhya Anand
Special Arrangement
Riya Mehta with Dominic Raj
Riya Mehta
Dominic Raj
Riya Mehta
Dominic Raj
From the Editor's Desk
By Chaithraa Jagadeesha
Saiprapanch Adloor
Sai Prapanch
By Aashika Suresh & Sandra Maria George
Sandra Alexander
Words by Vidhya Anand, images by naveen Sekhar
Vidhya Anand with Kiran Koushik, Naveen Sekar, Shiva Balasubramaniam and Sharan Ragesh
Words by Simra Sadaf
Words by Prerna Mullerpaten, In conversation with Preeti Zachariah
Words by Padma Murughappun, in conversation with Sayali Goyal
By Tushar Kanoi
Words by Smruti Sridharan, Illustration by Sunil Raghavendar
Words by Tushar Kanoi, Illustration by Sandra Maria George
Words by Smruti Sridharan, Illustration by Sunil
By Tushar Kanoi
By Simra Sadaf
Padma Murughappun
By Aashika Suresh
Words by Aashika Suresh
By Tushar Kanoi
In conversation with Sethu Kumar
Composed by Aashika Suresh; Visualised by Arvind Sundar
Photography by Naveen Sekar and Toranj Kavyon
Words by Tushar Kanoi, Captured by Mitch Epstein
Words by Priyanka Venkataramani, Captured by Abhijith Ajay 
By Prerna Vinod in conversation with team The Plated Project
By Ashwin Chhabria
Words by Simra Sadaf, Artwork by Sayali Goyal
By Sandra Alexander
By Prerna Mullerpaten in conversation with team The Plated Project
By Sandra Alexander in conversation with Andrea Lennon
By Simra Sadaf
By Prachi Pramod
By Padma Murughappun, Photo Credits: Naveen Sekar
By Naushad Ali, Photo Credits: Nelson Viji
A festive collaboration with Madras Finds
Words by Ramkumar Nair, Artwork by Keerthana Alageshan
Words by Ramkumar Nair
Ramkumar Nair
By Vidhya Anand and Aashika Suresh, Photo Credits - Shama Nair
Written by Vidhya Anand and Aashika Suresh, Images by Shama Nair
Sukanya Biswas
Natasha Sharma
Sruthi Mohan
Parvathi Annadorai
Afreen Shanavas
Afreen Shanavas
Simra Sadaf
Ananya Kaipa
Annapurani Vaidyanathan
Harshal Bathija
Dhruti Davey
Umasankar Dasbhuyan
Uma Sankar Das Bhuyan
Ann Maria Anil
Keren Naomi Devnesh
Aashika Suresh
Annapurani Vaidyanathan
Surbhi Sachdeva
Anne Morris
Ajith Sundararajan
Preethi Harinath
Photo Essay
Aliya Sheriff
House of Singh
Shravya Indukuri
Shaarvari Shreenath
Rabab Hakimi
Ishita Bagchi
Aditi Prakash
Aditi Dwivedi
Aarthi A
Srishti Prabakar
Radhika Suresh
M Subashree
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